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Let the Light Within Guide You Home.

Lighthouse Reiki Intuitive Healing represents the healing light you carry within. True healing can only occur when you allow light to shine on your shadows, revealing that which holds you back and calling you home to a place of peace, restoration, and trust. 

By placing your trust in Lighthouse to guide you home during one of our sessions, you create a bond within yourself. You commit yourself to healing from within, allowing our light to guide you home. Explore all the opportunities for healing with Lighthouse below.

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Our work together will not be shallow. Together we will work to uncover the things that are holding you back from achieving your full states of health, healing, peace, and overall wellbeing. 

Depending on the session you choose, the content of our work together will shift. I believe in a personalized approach to healing, and this is reflected in our time together. Typical sessions will begin with a moment to connect and explore what brought you in that day. We will feel into your current situation and determine the best path forward.

The main portion of the session will focus on using a mixture of techniques to serve your highest good. This may include things like energy healing, therapeutic techniques, or intuitively guided meditations. To learn more about what each sessions may contain, continue down this page.

I would encourage you to approach these sessions in a way that bring you the most comfort and peace. This means wearing clothes that feel comfortable to you, and being prepared to be open and honest about what you are currently experiencing. True healing begins when we shine light on our shadows and this will form the foundation of our work together.

Once we have completed the main work of the session, there will be a brief closing section of the session. This will be a time to process all that occurred, set plans for continuing our work together, and find a grounded and centered space before you leave for the day. 

You should exit your session feeling peaceful, inspired, restored, and empowered.

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These hour-long sessions focus on connecting with and releasing the elements of your being that no longer serve you. Using a combination of energy healing techniques and assessments with a focused foundation of Reiki healing, these sessions are perfect for healing from within and reclaiming your power.

60-Minute Session with Misty

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These 90-minute sessions allow for a deeper level of healing. By combining the energetic work available in hour-long sessions with deeper healing techniques such as Inner Child Work, Guided Meditations or Intuitive Journeys, and Spiritual Cleanses we are able to shine light on the deepest of your shadows, issuing in peace, transformation, and power.

90-Minute Session with Misty

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2 hr 30 mins ~ $225

An in-depth healing appointment to transmute all energy that is no longer beneficial and reset your system to promote optimal health and wellbeing.

Healing Intensive with Misty

Energy Healing
1 hr ~ $65

Experience the healing power of Reiki during these hour-long sessions.

Traditional Reiki Session with Jenny

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1 hr 30 mins ~ $115

In these 90-minute sessions will serve to bring forward clarity and purpose in your business. Whether you already have a business or you are preparing to begin, we will work together to uncover the goals you have and create the plans and motivation to achieve them.

Business Guidance Session with Misty

  • Reiki

  • Energy Assessments

  • Energy Analysis

  • Spiritual Cleanse

  • Guided Meditations

  • Inner Child Work

Each session will be carefully cultivated to suit your needs of the day. Please note that deeper work, such as spiritual cleanses or Inner Child Work, can only take place within a 90-minute session.

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