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My journey to Reiki was born of a need to seek deeper emotional healing from a traumatic childhood affecting my adult life. Throughout my life, I felt a draw to help others, and found myself immersed in the foster care system as a foster parent, and later a Court Appointed Special Advocate. I found the work rewarding, but emotionally draining and traumatic to my well being. ​

After experiencing traumatic life events in adulthood, I found myself unable to cope with day to day life. I would eventually be diagnosed with PTSD, more specifically, CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), depression, and a panic disorder. Within a short amount of time, I struggled to work and was unable to find happiness in a beautiful life I had built for myself with my husband and children.

Eventually, I developed Agoraphobia and this was the wake up call I needed to take my mental health more seriously. Years of therapy assisted me in understanding the whys of my thoughts and behaviors, but I still found myself frozen in anxiety, unable to enjoy life as I used to and move past the negative emotions. 

After exhausting many modalities of therapy, I decided to give alternative healing a try, and this is where I found Reiki. I was able to process emotions, and release my ties to them. My reactions and triggers began to diminish, and I was able to begin living in the moment. 

Reiki quickly became a passion for me, and I sought to learn and become certified so I could help others experience the stress relief, and peace I was finally able to feel. I now know working with trauma survivors to heal is my life’s work. 

Whether you are suffering from a traumatic past, or merely struggling in the moment with the stressors of life, I would be honored to work with you on finding peace, and self love. 

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My Reiki Practitioner Journey began by wanting to find a way to help my mother and aunt when they began showing signs of Alzheimer's/dementia. Having already been familiar with crystals and their healing abilities, I began to search for ways to help my mom and aunt.​ 


Not only was I able to find crystals to support them, but I also learned that, when paired with Reiki, their effect is even greater. ​


As I continued to research, I found that many hospitals use Reiki in their treatments, and although I had never heard of Reiki before or experienced it myself, I immediately began searching for practitioners in my area. ​


Through that process, I found Misty at Lighthouse Reiki Intuitive Healing. After doing sessions with Misty, I took the classes to become. Reiki practitioner. Becoming a practitioner opened a whole new world for me, for the better. 


​I knew then that is is the path I was meant to take. I always felt like something was missing in my life, and I found it in Reiki. I love my job, and I love helping people! ​


Jenny Works and Lighthouse Reiki Intuitive Healing and offers Traditional Reiki Sessions.

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