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My journey to Reiki was born of a need to seek deeper emotional healing from a traumatic childhood affecting my adult life. Throughout my life, I felt a draw to help others, and found myself immersed in the foster care system as a foster parent, and later a Court Appointed Special Advocate. I found the work rewarding, but emotionally draining and traumatic to my well being. ​

After experiencing traumatic life events in adulthood, I found myself unable to cope with day to day life. I would eventually be diagnosed with PTSD, more specifically, CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), depression, and a panic disorder. Within a short amount of time, I struggled to work and was unable to find happiness in a beautiful life I had built for myself with my husband and children.

Eventually, I developed Agoraphobia and this was the wake up call I needed to take my mental health more seriously. Years of therapy assisted me in understanding the whys of my thoughts and behaviors, but I still found myself frozen in anxiety, unable to enjoy life as I used to and move past the negative emotions. 

After exhausting many modalities of therapy, I decided to give alternative healing a try, and this is where I found Reiki. I was able to process emotions, and release my ties to them. My reactions and triggers began to diminish, and I was able to begin living in the moment. 

Reiki quickly became a passion for me, and I sought to learn and become certified so I could help others experience the stress relief, and peace I was finally able to feel. I now know working with trauma survivors to heal is my life’s work. 

Whether you are suffering from a traumatic past, or merely struggling in the moment with the stressors of life, I would be honored to work with you on finding peace, and self love. 

About Kelly​​


My Reiki journey began after losing my husband & my oldest child moving out within the span of 18 months. I found that my entire existence changed leaving me depressed, anxious, and no desire to do anything....I felt alone in my new world of grief.  I gave up on life & had no desire to engage in activities I previously enjoyed. 


It was at this time I knew I had to try something more than just medication & therapy.  I had done positive affirmations, meditations and podcasts to try to help get my life back on track, and upon heaing about Reiki I began researching. I experienced my first Reiki session and loved it.


Eventually my journey led me to Misty and after a few sessions I noticed such a difference in the way I responded to people and had a new light in my life, a new purpose.  I decided to become a Reiki Practitioner and took Reiki classes at Lighthouse with Misty so I could help others heal from their traumas and pain.  The beauty in this healing modality absolutely takes my breath away.  Watching the growth and shifts are amazing.!

I look forward to working with you on your healing journey.

Kelly offers Traditional 60 Minute Reiki Sessions.


About Mirhyssa


I have always been interested in the spiritual and paranormal world and have always believed in energies we cannot see but rather feel and sense. 

Growing up I had extreme social anxiety. High school was very stressful for me. I was a good student, got the right grades but I tried my hardest not to participate in any social activities or be center of attention in any capacity. As I got older the anxiety worsened. I told myself I could deal with all this on my own. I never wanted to accept that I needed help, especially in the form of medication. After a couple of decades of trying to deal with the anxiety on my own, I decided to try a method I had been avoiding. Pills. I talked to my doctor and we decided what medication would be appropriate for my issues. After, a good 6 months, I had to admit to myself, I should have started sooner. I felt so much better. 

I did have a minor setback when I initially started my prescription. I lost my 5 yr old husky, Koda Kai, to cancer. She was my world, my “child” and I was completely devastated. I had never lost anyone in my life that I loved THAT much. I felt lost and alone.

I believe her passing got me back on my spiritual journey. I know in my heart I was on my spiritual journey when I was a child but there were negative energies around me that forced me to “close down”. I was too open. I didn’t know how to spiritually protect myself so I blocked everything off.

In the last few years I was looking into distressing methods which included activities like massages and Reiki. I had read a book when I was in my 20s, that mentioned Reiki. My interest had been peaked back then but at that time the internet was still new and there definitely were NOT metaphysical shops near me. In recent years I was listening to a podcast and they read a story about a listener’s Reiki experience. At this point, I needed to find out everything about Reiki. 

I have taken traditional Usui Reiki Master including , Angel Reiki, & Animal Reiki. I took the Usui/Holy Fire III Level 1 & 2 classes with Misty.

Reiki has helped me in more ways than I could have imagined and I would love to help other people who suffer from anxiety and stress.


Mirhyssa offers 60 Minute Traditional Reiki Sessions.

About Sandy

 My journey began 5 years ago while going through a drastic transformation with weight loss surgery.  This was the first step in learning to make myself a priority and to begin digging into my trauma.  I realized my love of crystals had a purpose when I found out about crystal healing.  I earned my CCH and ACP certifications and began performing energy work.  I was introduced to Reiki by Misty and soon after took Usui Holy Fire III Reiki 1 & 2 with her at Lighthouse.  


After I began the deep dive into shadow work and inner child healing, I knew my path was leading me to help others do the same.  My passion is to assist you on your healing journey and navigating your path to peace.  As a Certified Crystal Healer/Advanced Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Level II, I intuitively chosoe the crystals needed and utilize the vibrations of each crystal to help cleanse and bring our energy bodies back into balance.


Sandy offers 60 Minute Crystal Healing & Traditional Reiki Sessions.

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